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United States
===Sorry if the pics I take SUCK, I'm not the greatest at taking them.===
Hello and welcome to my page! ^^ I hope you enjoy everything I have to offer! I know I am not the most talented thing in the world but I enjoy doing what I do. My fursona is my avatar, her name is Thyme Love Heart and she is a demon kitty. She has a sister, Kuro, who treats her like dirt and is spoiled by her mom, Misija and dad, Nemilos. I love all kinds of music but mainly EDM and male nightcore, I do listen to Zelda and vocaloid too. I LOVE cows and betta fish. I am such a Zelda bitch, absolutely love the series (except Breath of the Wild) and it has been in my life since I was like eight or nine. I have a few tattoos and in one ear I have two piercings and the other is just one. I plan on becoming a vet in the future cause screw humans lol. Dunno if there is much else to saaay...Thank you for reading this! I know it's quite a bit, my bad...But thank you again!
Have a fantastic day! ^^
Okay so I am SUPER EXCITED because I just got a Zelda Gameboy Advance SP, the golden one with the triforce and all, and with that came Minish Cap! This is the ONE Zelda game I have been dying to play, my parents wanted to get me something that I really wanted for graduation but would never buy on my own, they said the Switch and WiiU. Nah fam, I don't want those pieces of garbage. So I got the one system that I can play the original Minish Cap on, plus now I can play all the other older Zelda games! Minish Cap is super fun so far, absolutely love it.
I am such a Zelda nerd. I have the Zelda mangas, figurines, guides, hats, I was Link for Halloween one year, had a Zelda birthday a long time ago, and just everything. I even got a tattoo of Zant from Twilight Princess just the other day...I should post my tattoos on here...
But I have played and completed: Wind Waker, Majora's Mask, Ocarina of Time, Four Swords, Skyward Sword, Twilight Princess (first and favorite Zelda game), Spirit Tracks, and Phantom Hourglass. I also have the first and second Zelda, the remake of OoT and MM for my golden, Link Between Worlds 3DS and Hyrule Warriors Legends. Working on the Hyrule warriors right now, it's taking me forever because I am trying to do everything lol.
I think the only two Zelda games that I will never play is Triforce Heros and Breath of the Wild, neither of them catch me. Like...just no. Hate me all you want for despising BotW, but it just is not a Zelda game. It is a survival game with a little bit of Zelda in it. As for Triforce Heros, I see it as more of a spin off like Hyrule Warriors, but more into multiplayer and goofing off lol.
It feels weird having to say that I can finally fulfill my dream of playing all the Zelda games I want to, feels not right lol But I am super pumped.
I started playing when I was like eight or nine, I am now eighteen playing Minish Cap. I love cows and betta fish and art and everything but sometimes there is too much of it. But Zelda? Nope. Can never have enough Zelda.
Y M C- Wat. Needs no title. It's perfect as is. Valoo is triggered This guy scares me. 


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