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United States
===Sorry if the pics I take SUCK, I'm not the greatest at taking them.===
Hello and welcome to my page! ^^ I hope you enjoy everything I have to offer! I know I am not the most talented thing in the world but I enjoy doing what I do. I have seven OCs, all of which are made on FeralHeart, an awesome animal RPG with a wonderful community. My fursona is my avatar, her name is Thyme Love Heart and she is a demon kitty. She has a sister, Kuro, who treats her like dirt and is spoiled by her mom, Misija and dad, Nemilos.I play the Sims 3 as well, which they are on there too lol. I LOVE yaoi and I have read Koisuru Boukun, the Warui series, Neko Love, Hidoku Shinade, Ten Count, Inugata Summit, Kanga No Spoon, and the Kuroneko Kareshi no series. Plus some short stuff in between. I do watch a bit of anime from time to time, so far I have watched InuYasha, Maid Sama, DRAMAtical Murder (and watched the play through), Togainu No Chi (and watched the playthrough), Free!, Code Geass, Soul Eater, Black Butler, and Hetalia. When I was a kid I remember watching a few animes like Zatch Bell, Bakugan, Teen Titans, One Piece, and Yu-Gi-Oh. I love all kinds of music but mainly EDM and male nightcore, I do listen to vocaloid too but not a lot of rap or anything. I LOVE cows and have raised them for the past three years, nearly broken bones sometimes working with them lol. I spend a lot of my time on YouTube watching Markiplier, PurpleEyesWTF, Octopimp, Walking With Giants, Seananners, Animal Aid Unlimited India, Great Big Story, Zen-Kun, iDubbbzTV, GentleWhispering, Threadbanger, Simply Nailogical, The Sim Supply, Succ My Meme, Emisoccer, Domics, Shawn Wasabi, and Sark, used to watch Tobuscus and Game Grumps. I love Indian and Asian cultures. I have a halfmoon betta fish, a shitzu-yorkie mix, a mixed black angus steer, and an American shorthair cat. I have a few tattoos and in one ear I have two piercings and the other is just one. I plan on becoming a vet in the future cause screw humans lol. Dunno if there is much else to saaay...Thank you for reading this! I know it's quite a bit, my bad...But thank you again!
Have a fantastic day! ^^
Okay so I keep having this on my mind and I have to get it out or something. I feel like I am too anxious and paranoid about everything, but almost everyone I know doesn't realize it. My mom calls me a hypochondriac which I guess is true, I worry myself mentally to where I feel it physically, kinda like a mind trick. I hate it. Plus if there is something that either almost went wrong or could go wrong or did go wrong I constantly think about it and worry myself to near break downs at times. Around friends I try not to tell them because I don't want to seem like a weak bitch who can't take it, plus I know there are other people out there with way worse problems than me. In front of friends and people I need to respect I act all happy and cheerful, and I am, when I am around certain people. But it's like the minute I get home I become a near emotionless brick wall, I feel drained. With the stress from school and just things that I want to do but don't have time to do, it really takes its toll. I hate saying that I have anything wrong with me, I feel like I am overreacting when people tell me I have some OCD or I am overprotective or I worry too much. I am trying to take up skateboarding, which is fun and helps to clear my mind but I wonder if I will regret learning this since I am starting when I'm 18 going on 19. I also fear the afterlife. Not so much as to what will happen to me, but what will happen to my memories, my creations? I post them online but I don't know if technology will even be the same when I'm really old. I worry if I should just stop what I am doing and lock myself away so I don't have any memories or things I want to save for other people to enjoy and maybe remember me by. I am terrified of losing my creations or the files I post. I always have to second guess myself when I leave for days at a time, praying the house doesn't burn down and destroy everything. I know my whole misophonia can end up in arguments with my family and I hate even saying I have that. I dunno what I am trying to get at here. I just had to let it out and ask: are other people like this too or is it just me?


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